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Tips for Designing your Gourmet Kitchen:

July 18, 2020, Author: Karen Stanley

When it comes to designing your gourmet kitchen, find a blend of style and functionality. Take the time to consider questions like, “how much time do we spend in the kitchen?” or “What are all the activities we use the kitchen for, beyond preparing meals?” A the same time, let your new kitchen reflect your style with your specific design choices. Visualizing what you want your kitchen to comfortably handle as well as understanding what you love, will help prepare you for your design center appointment. 

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Maybe it’s a neighbor’s oversized island or your own favorite flooring, but note the things you would love to have in your new gourmet kitchen as you discover them

Know your budget: 

When building a new home, knowing your overall budget is key so you know where you want to invest the most in your new home. Opportunities to upgrade are almost endless! Know what you are investing in your new home, so you can focus on the attributes you are dying to have in your gourmet kitchen. 

Know what your options are when designing your gourmet kitchen:

New home builders in Gilbert and Chandler Arizona
Visiting the design center is prime time to get a solid understanding on the design choices you get to make, like checking out the variety of backsplash options we have for you to explore!

Our design center specialists will not only tell you about all of your different options, but they will show you examples in our design center. Pieces from cabinet styles and finish to your kitchen faucet have actual samples to help you in your selections. You can also tour our models to get the design ideas going. When designing your gourmet kitchen, remember these are  design choices you will be making: 

New home builders in Gilbert and Chandler Arizona
Color and finish are another great thing to pay attention to while designing your kitchen. Your design center consultant can give input when it comes to keeping things cohesive, or other options to consider for a specific look

Opportunities are endless when it comes to creating a home that reflects your style, and is functional for you and your family. Whether the decisions seem exciting or overwhelming, know that our team, and especially our design center consultants are here to help. They will be experienced guides as you choose your new home features. 

Now what? – Decide on the next step

Not sure what the next step is? Contact us today! 

Have you visited our models? Come see them in person, or take a virtual tour, here. 

If you want to discover more of your style, here are a few things you can do from home. 

If you’ve decided to build, here are the first three things you should do. 

Building a new home is exciting! From designing to celebrating, our team at New Village Homes would love to be there with you every step of the way. Give us a call today at 480-269-3233.