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Picking the Best Window Coverings for Every Room:

February 1, 2020, Author: Karen Stanley

Whether your priorities are to block out light, enjoy privacy, or keep the solar gain down, window coverings for your new home, help you achieve it. Take a trip to our New Home Design Center to see the different types for yourself, but in the meantime, here’s what we offer and how to choose between them.

The three types of window coverings you get to choose from are blinds with a deco frame, honeycomb or cellular blinds, and shutters. With that, all are beautiful options for your new home in Gilbert, but you get to choose which window coverings will best serve you in each space.

Blinds with a Deco Frame:

There is a reason traditional blinds are so common. With great durability and being easy to clean, they are a tried and true option for high traffic areas. Many love this option because the deco frame around the window gives them the feeling of shutters, with the benefits of blinds. In this case, they also come in various colors to fit the other design choices of every room.

blinds in new village kitchen
Blinds with a Deco Frame are a great way to enjoy the durability and privacy of blinds, with the feel of framed shutters

Honeycomb Blinds (Cellular):

These blinds are a single piece window covering for your new home. Unlike the blinds that have strong slats that come together to block out light, these honeycomb blinds are made of soft fabric, that folds and unfolds as the blinds are lifted and lowered. One of the most sought after attributes are their cordless options, as they are safe for kids, forgoing any hanging chords. These work great in rooms like bedrooms and areas that aren’t high traffic. Another key feature is its insulation. The two sides of the blind come together at points all along the blind, and form cells. These cells hold air inside, creating a barrier of insulation. Because of this, these blinds work beautifully with keeping solar gained heat limited in the hotter months, and the cold out, in the cooler months. Though not as washable, it is still possible to clean your honeycomb blinds. 

honeycomb blind in new home with dog
Honeycomb blinds are star performers for areas where insulation to keep the heat or cold out is especially needed


The aesthetic of shutters adds to any room and gives you control over the amount of light you want to let in. Their classic frames provide the option of opening them up entirely. At the same time, using the louvers allows you to let in different amounts of light. Like the traditional blinds, they are durable and easy to clean with soap and water or mild cleaning solution. When planning for each room, it is helpful to consider they do take up more space than a blind with a deco frame or honeycomb blinds.

shutters in Andelucia
Our indoor shutters were inspired by scenes like this in beautiful Andalucia, where one of our communities gets its name


How to Pick Window Coverings For Each Room:

When picking out your window coverings for your new home, consider three different factors. Primarily, think of how much light you want in each room of the house. For bedrooms where you will be spending a lot of time sleeping, light-blocking abilities may be your top priority. At the same time, for rooms where you enjoy a lot of natural light, like the kitchen or living room, durable or light filtering options may be what you’re looking for.

The second component to evaluate is the amount of privacy you want in each room. For example, large bedroom windows may be beautiful during the day, but blinds can create the option of transitioning to a fully-private room. Thankfully, areas in most need of light-blocking options, are also higher privacy areas, like bedrooms. Consequently, these attributes tend to come together.

The third component is how much insulation you would like the window coverings for your new home to provide. Window coverings are a great way to save on energy, by keeping unwanted heat or cold, in our out of your home. Use honeycomb blinds that help insulate, to cut down on solar heat in full-sun areas.

bedroom in new home build
Consider the amount of light, privacy, and insulation you want to have in each room when deciding on your window coverings

Getting a feel for how all of these types of window coverings for your new home, work, is a great place to start. Come visit us at our New Home Design Center to see how window coverings will add to the comfort of your new home.



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