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Now what? First 3 Things to do When you Decide to Build a New Home:

June 16, 2020, Author: Karen Stanley

Now that you have decided to build, what do you do? Building a new home is a remarkably rewarding experience, you can jump into, today! For those who have just decided to build, here are three things that can jump-start the process.

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Overwhelmed? We are here to walk you through every step from picking a lot, to designing your new home.

First, know your budget and price range for your new home.

Knowing your numbers before you go to the design center, or start building will help you prioritize which features are most important to you. The base price for floor plans is important to know, as well as how much you would like to invest in additional options. Upgrades like granite countertops may be a high priority, while a specific gate to your patio may not. Maybe it is even the other way around! Whatever your priorities are, know how much you would like to invest. It will help not only you but our design specialists guide you in designing your beautiful new home.

Keep in mind that the base price includes beautiful options that have been picked by our designers, however, building a new home is all about making it your own space. There is a myriad of ways to create your unique look, and knowing your budget will help you know what kinds of design choices you can make. Here are a few examples of design choices to keep in mind when considering budget:

Use our preferred lender to get approved now, and get a jump start on your home buying and building process.

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Our new home design center gives you the chance to see design choice in person, with the help of a design center specialist

Second, start getting to know your style, and what you are looking for in your new home.

Though our design specialists are there to help you select your design pieces, having an idea ahead of time gives you a jump start. At the same time, you may find options you haven’t thought of, or discover you want to go a different direction. However your design center appointment goes, generating ideas beforehand will only help you in the decision making process.

A few ways to do some style exploration include:

  • Build a Pinterest board and start collecting things that catch your eye. Look for trends to help identify what you are drawn to.
  • Start building a master list of the home attributes you value most. Roughly rank them so you know what design features are most important to you. This type of list not only gives you direction with designing but also budget.
  • Take inventory of your current home and note what you love and would change.
  • Take a tour or virtual tour of our model homes to envision possible designs and get ideas.

Third, reach out and make an appointment with one of our agents.

There are several things to do when you decide to build a new home, and our team is ready to assist you through the entire building process. From introducing you to our preferred lender to understanding your vision for your new home, we are ready to help make your new home a reality.

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From architecture and materials to design and customer service, our team brings quality, expertise, and experience to every new home.

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