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Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Finishes:

January 11, 2020, Author: Karen Stanley

We want to give you everything you need to know about kitchen cabinet finish for your new home. At New Village, we offer four types of cabinet finishes, including Maple, Cherry, Duraform and Painted. Whether you are looking for rich natural tones or washable and modern options, we have a finish for your style.

new home kitchen cabinets
Hardwoods come with their unique grains and colors that complement many styles

Hardwood Kitchen Cabinets:

When it comes to hardwoods, we offer both Cherry and Maple kitchen cabinets in our design options. Many love hardwoods for their durability and rich hues, as well as the ability to shine in both classic and contemporary kitchens. Similarly, stain finishes tend to be easier to touch up and show fewer bumps and chips from everyday life.


Cherry excels at having rich tones and develops a deeper color with age. This type of cabinet is beautiful in a classic or sophisticated kitchen for those loving darker hues. As a closed-grain hardwood, it has small pin knots and a fine, even grain, and naturally comes in tones from a pale yellow to a deep reddish-brown. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it’s durable and comes in a range of colors. Remember though that it darkens with age and though it isn’t guaranteed to be even, its tones grow even richer over time.

Dark Cherry kitchen cabinets
If looking for deep color, cherry delivers bold tones with the texture of natural wood


We also offer Maple, which like Cherry, is a durable and excellent choice for those looking for a natural wood cabinet. This wood lends itself to a range of tones from light blonde to a dark reddish-brown, depending on the stain. Unlike cherry, however, it does not darken with UV exposure and performs beautifully across the spectrum, color-wise. This cabinet finish is a prime choice for those looking for a lighter stained natural wood. As a fine grain, there is no distinct pattern, with its fine brown lines and even some wavy or curly graining. You may also see some small, black, birds’ eye dots subtly mixed in. Price-wise, maple is slightly more affordable compared to Cherry, while both excel in durability and stunning rich tones.

maple kitchen cabinets in new home
Maple lends itself to lighter colors and can come in a variety of stains to fit your style

Painted Kitchen Cabinets:

Painted cabinets are a blend of hardwoods and engineered material to bring you a strong and durable cabinet. Because they are man-made, there aren’t knots or grains like the hardwoods. Instead, these cabinets are smooth, with a flawless finish and consistent paint coverage. Their look makes them ideal for kitchens spanning from the sleek and contemporary to the clean and classic. Though you get to handpick the color as part of the building process, painted cabinets lend themselves to future flexibility. Duraform or stained cabinets are more difficult to change color-wise, while painted cabinets could eventually be repainted.

Painted kitchen cabinets in new kitchen
Create a clean and flawless look with painted kitchen cabinets

Duraform Kitchen Cabinets:

With Duraform, each piece of the cabinet door is individually wrapped in a man-made finish of foils and coatings. The wood is bonded to the coating before the cabinet door is assembled, creating a seamless finish. Not only does this give them a clean look, but they are extremely durable and washable. With Duraform, wiping them down with a cleaning solution is all you need to make them look like new. This type of finish is also versatile and seemingly flawless when it comes to color, due to being a man-made coating.

Though chips are extremely rare with this type of finish, it is good to know the material is harder to touch up, because it is a coating, and not a paint or stain. With that said, this finish is as durable as it is beautiful. Duraform is resistant to heat, humidity, and fading, for a long-lasting cabinet finish, ideal for a beautiful low-maintenance home.

Duraform kitchen cabinets in new home
Duraform is resistant to heat, humidity, and fading, so cracking isn’t a concern with this kitchen cabinet finish

A few last tips:

  1. Keep your home and kitchen themes in mind when selecting your cabinets, so your end result is beautifully cohesive.
  2. Don’t forget your kitchen counters, and be sure the colors blend well with your kitchen cabinet finish. Learn more about the differences between granite and quartz countertops here.
  3. Experience all of our beautiful design options in person at our New Home Design Center!


We would love to show you all of your design choices, and answer any questions at our New Village Design Center in Gilbert. Come see the different types of kitchen cabinet finish as well as our favorite paints and countertops!


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