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Choosing the Best Types of Paint for Your New Home

December 10, 2019, Author: Karen Stanley

What is eggshell paint?  Does it have eggshells in it? No, “eggshell” isn’t referring to the material, but rather the sheen of the paint. It gets its name from the sheen and texture of an egg! Eggshell paint is smooth, with consistent color, and reflects a little bit of light. We’ll show you why eggshell is one of our favorite types of paint for your new home. 

The 5 basic types of paint sheen include: flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and gloss.  When we talk about sheen, we are referring to how much light reflects off the paint. Flat paint has the most pigment, but no gloss or shine to it.  Though it has a beautiful matte finish, it has a hard time holding up to long-term scrubbing or cleaning. For example, use it instead, in decorative, low-traffic areas.

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An important decision to make when deciding on your paint for your new home is the sheen. We love paint that is both beautiful and durable

Why we Love Eggshell Paint:

But back to eggshell paint. We like to call it the perfect combination of strength and pigment. The color and durability are the ideal balance for your new home’s interior walls. Eggshell paint has rich tones without sacrificing durability. This means it easily releases dirt, without being a gloss paint. 

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If looking for a clean, classy sheen, eggshell reflects just enough light to brighten your new home interior without being overwhelming

Why and Where we Love Gloss Paints:

Gloss finish is the opposite of a flat or matte finish and is the most reflective. Its coating makes gloss the most durable and works beautifully in the spots that are exposed to lots of bumps and traffic. Places like doors, trim and baseboards are prime areas for using gloss paint. 

paints offered new home builder Gilbert Chandler Arizona
Whether in the kitchen, dining room, or hallways, baseboards, doors, and trim can be easily cleaned when coated in our Sherwin-Williams ™ gloss paint

At New Village Homes we offer Sherwin-Williams ™ paint. When you upgrade to one of our beautiful colors, the walls of your home will be in an eggshell finish. Doors, trim, and baseboards will be in an easy-to-clean gloss finish. Having these two complementary finishes means you get to enjoy the color and durability of eggshell painted walls, with the added strength and clean look of the gloss finished trim, baseboards and doors. Talk about the perfect duo!

paint options new home builder chandler Gilbert Arizona
Eggshell is the perfect choice for every room, from your living room to your master bedroom, with its durability and rich colors

Caring for your Painted Walls:

After you choose the paint, your home is built, and you are enjoying your new living space, remember that with these types of paint, maintenance is simple. With eggshell and gloss paints, most scuffs and bumps can be removed with mild soap and water, and a soft sponge or rag. Not all soaps are created equally. Be sure to test a new cleaning solution on a less visible spot before using it on the rest of the wall. When moving into your new home, wait at least two weeks after your walls have been freshly painted before washing or spot cleaning. This simply ensures the paint sets fully and will be the most durable. 

new home paint colors home builder Gilbert Chandler Arizona
Find a variety of colors at your New Village design center, that are perfect for your new home



Designing your home in a way that fits your lifestyle is an exciting time. Whether you are ready to choose your new home colors from our Sherwin-Williams ™ collection or would like to see what eggshell and gloss paints look like in person, come see us at our New Home Design Center in Gilbert. We would love to show you all of your paint options, and other possibilities for your new home.