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Granite vs. Quartz Countertops for Your New Home

October 30, 2019, Author: Karen Stanley

From making your morning coffee, to entertaining evening guests, your countertops are a centerpiece in your New Village home. With beautiful natural and man-made selections, it is important to know the difference between your granite and quartz countertop options. Thanks to modern technology, whether they are cut and polished or crafted and manufactured, the price point is similar between granite and quartz. This leaves you with deciding on the basis of style, and maintenance. Knowing a little about the two will help you find the best fit for your new home. 

New homes with casita Gilbert Chandler Arizona
Quartz Countertops are a clean and beautiful option for your new home

What is Quartz, Really?

Quartz is made by grinding up the actual quartz stone and crafting it into a beautiful countertop.  This allows for uniform designs that are especially appealing for those looking to create a clean, modern feel. It also lends itself to consistent, various shades of all colors, including greys and whites. No matter the size of the kitchen, vanity, or countertop, quartz lends itself to be ideal for those seeking a contemporary look in their New Village Home or Casita. Because it is synthetic, the sample you fall in love with at your new home design center, will be an accurate representation of what you will ultimately see in your new kitchen. With its durability and no sealing required, it is a long-lasting, beautiful choice for your kitchen. Enjoy quartz in the bathroom spaces as well, including your Mother-in-law suite.

New homes with guest house chandler and Gilbert Arizona
Granite Countertops compliment any New Home kitchen or bath

What’s Granite all About?

Granite has withstood the tests of time, with it’s gorgeous variety and natural beauty. Unlike the synthetic Quartz countertops, Granite pieces are taken out of the earth. Then they are cut and polished to be enjoyed in your home. Because they are natural, every slab is unique. With that, it is important to remember, though you will find beautiful examples of countertops in our builder design center, no two pieces are the same. When granite is concerned, it is important to pick your specific piece, that will be unlike any other countertop in the world.

When it is installed in your new home, it will also be sealed. This ensures that moisture doesn’t absorb into the stone. Complete a simple sealing process, recommended to be done about once or twice a year. This helps the countertop keep its solid finish, and stays a beautiful workspace for everyday and special occasions alike. 

new homes with granite countertops Arizona Gilbert
When designing your new home, quartz and granite are both stunning options

Whether you are picking out your countertops for your New Village home kitchen, mother in law suite, or casita, you can find a myriad of options in our design center and you can find the perfect fit. Let your new kitchen and bathroom be a gem in itself. Find the countertops that are perfect for your style and your personality. If you would like to see some options in person, come visit our beautifully decorated models at Andalucia at Val Vista and Ray, opening in January 2020.