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Choosing the Best Floor Plan for your New Home

December 17, 2019, Author: Karen Stanley

When building a new home, there are many exciting decisions. There are hardware, flooring, paint colors, and even the kitchen sink, just to name a few. Choosing your floor plan, however, is one of the first steps to creating a home that is perfect for you and your lifestyle. 

New home family Gilbert Chandler Arizona
Consider how many people will be living in the home, staying with you, and for how long, when determining how many bedrooms you will need

As you’re looking at our carefully crafted building plans, think of your current or previous home. What would you change? You might need another bedroom or would like the living and dining spaces to have a different layout. Many loved features are discovered when you realize they are not there in the first place! That is the perfect starting point in deciding on your new floor plan.

new home floorpan options Gilbert Arizona
Choosing the layout and design features of your new home is an exciting time! Consider your family’s needs for your new home, including bedrooms and the possibility of a guest house or studio

Consider your lifestyle:

Think about your lifestyle. What does your home need to ensure every day is comfortable, functional, and enjoyable? How many children are at home, or will be at home? Do you have children who are grown, and will come to visit or a family member who may stay with you for an extended period of time?  Ensure your floor plan has enough bedrooms for those who will be living there once it is finished or joining you in the near future. Consider options such as a guest house or casita for those visiting or staying for long periods of time. This allows them and you a bit of privacy during their stay. 

For those not needing as many rooms, some plans offer an optional super master suite, in place of what would be an extra room. That means the master suite is even more spacious and luxurious with this option. With some floor plans, a loft is also available in place of another bedroom, giving more shared living spaces for families to spend time together, or to create a welcoming sitting room. What would work best in your new home design? 

New homes in Gilbert and Chandler Arizona
If entertaining often in your new home, consider where the kitchen and other living spaces are in relation to one another. Open layouts are a good choice if planning on frequently entertaining larger groups

Consider your options with your new home floor plan: 

Your entertaining style is also something to consider when deciding on a floor plan. Will a more open layout, or dining area work best to fit your needs? Or will you be doing less entertaining, and exploring more hobbies? Adding a studio gives you space to devote to painting, photography, or another hobby. This space could also be used to create, a beautiful music room for the musicians of the family. 

Whether you work from home or outside the home in Gilbert or the surrounding areas, many love the convenience of a home office. Many of our floor plans include an optional room that can be built as an executive suite, off of the home. No more working from a small, spare bedroom. Enjoy a beautiful executive suite, at home, with all the privacy you need to get everything done. 

New homes with executive suite options Gilbert Chandler Arizona
An executive suite or home office is perfect for those working from home. It is also a great space to take care of finances and projects as a homeowner


The last element to consider is where the traffic will be. Where do you want kids coming in when they get home from school? Where will they be working on homework? What living space do you want closest to the patio? To answer these questions, think of the daily routines your family finds themselves in. From breakfast to homework, to enjoying the beautiful winters on the patio, decide what would be most functional and helpful in creating a comfortable every day. 

New home floor plans with optional rooms Gilbert Chandler Arizona
Make every day beautifully functional with the right floor plan

Design a home that is the best fit for your family’s needs. Come visit us at our New Home Design Center and we’ll introduce you to all of our beautiful options, and help you find your new home floor plan.  



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