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Tips for Entertaining Guests in Your New Home

November 25, 2019, Author: Karen Stanley

The holidays are coming, and there is nothing like entertaining in your new home! With a few tips and tricks, you will be well prepared to entertain family and friends, groups large and small, in your new space. 


Our first tip is planning. Give yourself time before the event is taking place to plan the type of event you are hosting. Make a list of who will be coming and specifically what you would like to serve. If it is a more intimate dinner invitation, the dining table will be the center, and best if set the night before. If it is a more casual and large gathering with hors d’oeuvres, it would be a wonderful time to showcase the living and dining areas in tandem with your inviting outdoor patio. Consider what kind of atmosphere you want to enjoy, and if there is music, which we highly recommend, pre-make your party playlist, and start enjoying it while finishing your last preparations before guests arrive. 

Entertaining in your new home Gilbert Arizona
Prepping platters the night before is key. It’s a good way to ensure you are able to greet and enjoy your time with guests


Anything that can be cooked or prepared beforehand will free up time the day of. With that, enjoy the chance to greet and welcome your guests as they arrive. Cold cheese platters or fresh fruit can be prepped the night before and wrapped, as well as soups and most baked goods. Utilize slow cookers, catering and other conveniences. This includes setting the table the night before if a more formal dinner party at the dining table. Remember that simple and healthy food choices are often the best direction to go, while also being sensitive to food allergies. You might not want to choose this time to try a new recipe.

While inviting your guests, you may be asked if there is anything they can bring or help with. Unless it makes it far more complicated, graciously accept help, and sincerely give them an assignment. Taking even just one thing off your to-do list will add to a wonderful and smooth evening. Have them bring their favorite bottle of wine or beverage and then you won’t have to worry if you have everyone’s favorite drink.

Homes for entertaining in Gilbert Chandler Arizona
Set the table the night before if hosting a more formal dinner with friends and family in your new home

Consider your Layout:

When planning how to use your home’s layout to host your guests, consider where they are likely to congregate. Most will grab a drink and then linger and chat with others close by. Set up a drink station, whether it is a simple tray with ice, glasses, and a few drink options, or utilize your beautiful island for a wider variety of serving options. Ensure the walkways are obvious and accessible so guests feel welcome to step right in and enjoy the company. 

New home construction in Gilbert Arizona
Showcase your retractable glass doors and create an unforgettable atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy

Arizona winters bring gorgeous weather, and the holiday season is a time you and your guests aren’t confined to enjoying only the interior of your new home. One signature trait of New Village Homes is the optional panoramic glass walls that are entirely retractable. Within moments, open up your home to your connected outdoor living space and enjoy an indoor/outdoor feel that is a host’s dream. 

New homes in Gilbert Arizona
Create small bouquets to compliment your new home. Add a fresh touch that guests will love when entertaining in your new home

Day-of Entertaining In Your New Home:

First you need to know how you want to use your space, who will be attending, and what you will be serving. After that is decided, our last tips are all about the day of the event. With so many things going on, be sure to get yourself ready first. We all want an immaculate home. But, simply wiping down the main surfaces, including bathroom faucets, mirrors and sinks can do the job. It gives you a fresh and polished feel with minimal time and effort. Do one last run through with the vacuum or sweep over your floors for the final clean touch.

Create the ambiance you are looking for with a few scented candles and your pre-made playlists. For a fresh feel to your home, pick up a few simple bouquets of fresh flowers from the store. Then, simply split them into smaller bouquets. Place one or two on the table, at the drink station, on a side table in the entry. They can go wherever they will add a fresh, clean, touch. 

New home construction in Gilbert Arizona
Use candles and music to create the ambiance you are wanting for your event in your new home

At this point, we can imagine your home smells and feels wonderful. With foods awaiting your guests and with a bit of fresh air as well from your open retractable glass wall, you are ready for your guests. 

Visit our design center to learn more about our entertaining- friendly layouts and versatile options for your new home in Gilbert. We hope you enjoy the holidays!