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How to Design an Executive Suite You’ll Love

February 8, 2020, Author: Karen Stanley

Having an executive suite is a wonderful thing, but make it a place you’ll love spending time in, with a few of our design tips. We’ve broken it down into 5 categories to bring you the lastest on designing your space.


Good lighting boosts productivity, so ensure there is plenty of light in your executive suite. If things going on outside aren’t too distracting, place your desk facing a window to enjoy all the natural light during the day. Also, ensure there is plenty of light on your work surfaces. Utilize desk or overhead lamps, as well as standing lamps by more comfortable reading chairs. One helpful tip is to connect them to outlets with light switches for ease of turning them on and off.

For those with a more casual setting, consider ambient light with light strips around the edge of the sealing, or under shelves, to be able to navigate easily without having all the lights on.

home office in new home
Evaluating where the windows are in your executive suite, can give you a good start on where to place your desk when trying to optimize light

Furniture for your Executive Suite:

Consider the type of work you do, and the atmosphere you would like to enjoy. A large, traditional desk more centrally placed in the room creates the flexibility to meet with clients. Specifically, it creates a conference or a more professional meeting setting.  Ensure you have space for two comfortable chairs on the side opposite your chair. This type of arrangement is prime for those striving for an extremely professional take on their office. However, options are limitless when it comes to furnishing your executive suite. For example, if you are looking for a more casual, personal office, you could find an L-shaped desk that could run under the window and an adjacent wall for more surface space. On the other hand, a tall kitchen table in the center of the room with bookcases and a few reading chairs becomes a learning zone where homework can be done, and hobbies explored as a family.

office chair in new home executive suite
If you are going to invest, invest in the things you will be using every day, like your office chair

It is important to remember how much time you will be investing in the space. In particular, in your office chair. Invest in furniture that is not only comfortable but ergonomic. Another option is a standing desk that can be adjusted from a standing position to the height of an office chair. Whatever you purchase, it is worth investing in things you will be using every day.

Decorating Your Executive Suite:

As key as the furniture and lighting is, the decor is where you dive into creating an atmosphere. Wall art, including calming landscapes and other calming images, can create an inviting and productive space for you and those you meet with. For others, more abstract and creative wall art is better at sparking inspiration for their particular field. The idea is to use what inspires you.

Area rugs are a great way to add color and bring the space together. When it comes to your surface area, consider adding sophisticated bookends to keep your key reference books right at your fingertips. Let your office storage also stand as decor with containers for pens, pencils, and other utensils right where you need them. We’ll address more about organizing your executive suite after we mention adding a little green.

green plant next to laptop on desk
Houseplants keep the space fresh. Succulents especially are a clean, low maintenance option

You know how much we love low-maintenance house plants to give the room some life and clean air. As amazing as they are in our homes, they are always a great addition to an office space. Succulents, in particular, require little attention and are quite content in areas like an executive suite.

Organizing your Executive Suite:

It’s a fact of life that papers and projects and things seem to accumulate. However, let this year be the year your office is clean and ready to go every morning by starting off with everything having a place. This may seem obvious, but the less decision making there is on where to place the stapler, the more efficiently you can use your time. Investing in easy-to-use storage is a great way to keep your surface areas clean without sacrificing the things you need to work. Many find it helpful to only keep the necessities in arm’s reach, like your go-to reference books in bookends, we mentioned above.

desk in optional executive suite
Make your workspace a productivity hotspot with the essentials right at your fingertips

Stay organized with your time by investing in a large, wall calendar. One option is buying a whiteboard calendar that you erase and fill in each month to keep track of meetings, appointments, personal events, etc. Desk calendars are another option, but be sure it doesn’t deprive you of the needed surface space.

Our final organizational tip is about avoiding the odds and ends by giving them a place. A “junk drawer” or box for all the things that don’t have an immediate home, gives you the ability to still clean everything up at the end of the day, or before a client comes without finding a spot. You can then periodically sort through the box to declutter and simplify when you have the time.

woman and child on beach
Displaying images, quotes and other inspiration is a great way to personalize your space and increase productivity

Display your Why:

Our final tip is the most personal one. Why do you do what you do? Is it for your family, your community, your clients, or all the above? Display things that remind you of your purpose in doing what you do. For example, this could look like quotes, family images, or souvenirs from your latest adventures. Whatever inspires you to succeed should be included in your executive suite to remind you of your “why.”

Building a new home is a journey of creating a space that is perfect for you. Don’t neglect your office space when you build your new home with us. For dimensions and options for your new home, explore our floor plans online, and come visit us at our New Home Design Center in Gilbert. 



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