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7 of the Best Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants:

May 30, 2020, Author: Karen Stanley

Explore some of the best low-maintenance indoor plants to add to your decor, and help keep the air in your new home, clean and fresh!

Don’t have a green thumb? Whether you are a long-time fan of indoor plants, or this is all new, these are some of the most low-maintenance and hearty plants available!

Blue Agave:

Blue Agave comes in a variety of types and is an extremely hearty plant. They grow slowly, so it takes a long time for the plant to outgrow its pot, so don’t worry about annual repotting. They can have some spines, so be deliberate where you place it. Many of the varieties come in a dusty blue and green hue, that can complement a variety of styles. These plants shine though as well on outdoor patios!

Care: They love warm weather and lots of sun–perfect candidates for a desert climate. Don’t let them go completely dry, but water them whenever the soil begins to dry out. You’ll notice they will go through more water in the summer months, and a little less with lower temperatures in the winter.

Snake Plant:

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This snake plant grows slowly, so it probably won’t need to be repotted for several years

Also called “mother-in-law’s tongue” this low-maintenance house plant grows vertically, up to three feet high, and it a great decor candidate. Depending on its size, it can be a great piece in a pot on the floor of the living room, bedroom, or even a guest house. (It’s extremely forgiving even if you forget about it for a little bit.)

Care: Being practically indestructible, the green leaves with yellow stripes can withstand being unwatered for a while, and survive low light. This plant, however, thrives in indirect light and light watering. Overwatering can cause the roots to rot, so a little goes a long way with this plant.

Aloe Vera:

As a member of the succulent family, this little plant can do a whole lot of good. Break off a piece and use the clear, sticky insides to cool a sunburn, or soothe irritated skin, with no damage to the plant.

Care: This low-maintenance house plant loves indirect light, so it will thrive in a bedroom or living room. You don’t have to worry about keeping it by a window. When it comes to watering them, they do best when they get a good soak every week or two after the soil has dried out completely. Here are a few more tips for easily maintaining succulents. 


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This yucca “tree” is another vertical winner when it comes to decorating with indoor plants

This is one of the best low-maintenance indoor plants when you are looking for something that enjoys the sun, like bright spots near your panoramic glass wall. Think of it like a small tree, that utilized vertical space well, when considering it for decor. It can also come in a variety of sizes still, so large is not the only option!

Care: These plants love bright, indirect sunlight, in spots where other houseplants would burn up. The thing to watch out for with this plant is overwatering. Less is more with this desert beauty.


With waxy leaves, these plants do well in more humid rooms. Kitchens and bathrooms are prime spots to put this beautiful deep-green plant. There are hundreds of species, ranging from the baby rubber plant (which is non-toxic unlike the actual rubber plant) to the pepper elder, and shining bush plant.

Care: They grow slowly and enjoy being a little bit rootbound, so no worries about frequent repotting. In fact, it may be years before it outgrows its pot! It is better to be on the dry side when you are watering your Peperomia. Be sure to not overwater it, and give it medium to bright light. If the colors are fading, it may be that it needs more light, like in a bright kitchen window.

Jade Plant:

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With a broad variety, some types have round leaves or long tubular leaves, so experiment with a variety that fits your style

This succulent is native to South Africa and will go dormant if left unwatered. However, it picks back up and grows when it is watered again. Needless to say, jade plants are one of the best low-maintenance indoor plants.

Care: Be sure to water it like other succulents. Let the soil dry out completely and give it a good flood of water, like a desert monsoon, after it’s completely dry. This could be every one to two weeks, but be sure to let its soil dry out completely, and be sure it has some good drainage, to avoid rotting roots.


This is another succulent that stores water in its leaves, and flowers with colorful bell-shaped blooms. This is your plant if you’re looking for brighter colored blooms. It is resistant to a variety of temperatures and enjoys dry climates.

Care: Since it is a succulent, give it water as the soil dries out, and be sure to let the soil dry completely before giving it a good downpour, again, mimicking those desert storms.

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Whether you are already enjoying a few plants in your home, or this is a new endeavor, these 7 plants are a great place to start when decorating your new home

Most of these are also prime for patios, and outdoor spaces. You can even use a few plants in your decor when creating a seamless indoor-outdoor living space in our communities like Andalucia. This and our other communities are designed with a low-maintenance lifestyle in mind for you and your family to enjoy.


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