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Three Keys to Creating The Perfect Outdoor Patio Space

November 12, 2019, Author: Karen Stanley

There is nothing more relaxing than spending your evenings or weekend on your outdoor patio space at your new home. Meanwhile, enjoying every minute of the beautiful Arizona weather.  At New Village Homes, we love connected outdoor living spaces, the convenience of low-maintenance homes, and we love creating back yards that fit your families’ dreams and needs. When designing your patio or yard, the key question to ask yourself is: How will this space be used? 

New homes with patio space Gilbert
A set of two chairs are perfect for creating an intimate sanctuary for two on your new home patio

What type of space do you envision?

Whether you want your patio to be the perfect place to have romantic dinners for two, do some refreshing outdoor yoga in the morning, entertain friends and family, or plant a patio garden, the world is your oyster, as they say! Envision how you would like to utilize your space. With that vision in mind, you might consider these three components when creating your outdoor space. 

outdoor patio spaces new homes Gilbert Arizona
Our new homes in Gilbert come complete with private yards perfect for pets, outdoor dining, and patio gardening

Start from the ground, up:

Start at the base with flooring and paving. Pavers include natural stone, brick, and concrete.  All of our new homes at Andalucia in Gilbert come complete with private yards with pavers all ready for you to create your vision. Practically maintenance-free, pavers create a beautiful canvas for the rest of your patio. If you are looking to mix it up or make it more comfortable and cozy, outdoor rugs can also easily be added. They are a great way to add a bit of color, without overwhelming the space. The outdoor spaces in our new homes are a great place for your four-legged family members to stretch their legs as well. There is plenty of room for a dog run, or if you’re a golf enthusiast, a putting tee.

Entertaining with your small patio, Gilbert New Homes and Casitas, New Home Builds, low maintenance side yards
Entertain dinner guests and choose the right table to fit your patio in your New Village Home

Selecting Seating for your Outdoor Patio Space:

The second component is seating. If you want to create a romantic little sanctuary, two comfortable outdoor chairs and a side table may create that intimate atmosphere you’re craving. If you want to have friends and family over for dinner, a narrow table and longer bench may be the perfect option. It is important to keep in mind that you want your table to match your space and the number of bodies you’re inviting. If the space is long and thin, use a table with the same feel, but think smaller. On the other hand, if you want to keep the seating space to only four and have plenty of room for other things, a round table on one end would fill the space beautifully.

Finally, if trying to maximize the space for entertaining without a table, built-in benches lining the edges of your patio opens up space for guests to stay awhile. This is also a wonderful storage bonus to not waste space, and utilize the built-in seating. Using outdoor fabrics and canopies gives shade and creates an inviting space for your family and guests. 

Outdoor furniture for a small new home patio.
If wanting open space, look for furniture that can fit along the edges or walls of the patio. This opens outdoor space for entertaining in your new home

Lighting Your Outdoor Patio Space:

The third key component of creating the perfect space is lighting. What kind of mood do you want, while enjoying a beautiful evening in your new home? Lighting options are limitless. From sconces, barn lights, lanterns, string lights and landscaping lights, all types of lighting create a different atmosphere. 

If you want to be able to see well after dark, go with brighter, fuller, lights. For example, to enjoy activities like barbecuing, larger lights like the rustic look of barn lights may be a perfect fit. If you want a softer ambiance, lanterns and small lights will do the trick. You can have several lighting options that engage with the flip of a switch, which allows even more versatility.

Outdoor living space small patio Gilbert Arizona
Choose lighting that creates the ambiance you want in your new home


When it comes to building a new home, we want you to fall in love with every inch of your new home or casita. With these three key components, creating your vision of your outdoor patio or side yard can be a reality. Visit our model homes, and learn about your options at our new home communities. We’d love to help you create your ideal living space in Gilbert or Chandler. 



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