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7 tips for Setting Up your New Walk-In Closet:

January 4, 2020, Author: Karen Stanley

Moving into your new home is a serious endeavor, but set up your new walk-in closet right from the start, with a few simple tips! We’ll talk about our favorite pointers from packing to moving in, so you can love your new walk-in from day 1!

Organize Walk-In closet
Take the time to set up your closet soon, so transitioning to your new home goes a bit smoother


1. First, detox your closet and remove anything you don’t wear.  No one wants to move more belongings than they have to. Donate, resell, or consign any articles of clothing you don’t want to have as part of your wardrobe in your new home.

woman moving boxes into new home
Simplify moving day by only moving the clothing you love and use

2. If you don’t have a system set up yet, create a way to store items that are out of season. Whether it is a flat storage bin that slides under the bed, or fabric totes up on a shelf, find what works for your family. Keeping the seasonal clothes out of the mix before you even move, will help make setting up your walk-in closet far easier.

3. Ditch plastic hangers and invest in wood or velvet-covered hangers for your new closet. These types of hangers help keep strange wrinkles away and create a streamlined look in your closet. A new home is a perfect opportunity to have a fresh start with a space you will be using every day to store your wardrobe.

wood hangers in walk-in closet
Investing in matching wooden hangers is great for your clothes and creates a streamlined look in your new walk-in

Moving In:

4. You just designed your beautiful new home, and you’ve been anticipating this day for a while! Take a moment to look at the layout of your closet. Designate a specific area for shoes and invest in a shoe rack. It could be one that goes along the bottom edge of the closet, soft hanging compartments, or a door hanger. Without a system, it’s easy to end up with a pile of shoes that came straight out of the moving box.

5. Next, designate space for different articles of clothing, depending on how they need to be hung. For example, make sure to have a little floor-length space for long dresses. At the same time, other spaces can utilize multiple-height rods for hanging clothing. A dresser can also be added to your walk-in closet to store everything from socks to swimming suits. Though it takes floor space, it leaves plenty of room to hang clothing above it.

hanging clothes in walk-in closet
Love utilizing all the space with multiple hanging rods in your walk-in closet

6. It should be safe to say we have all had those mornings where we seem to pull out half the closet before we’re even dressed. Put up a few hooks or a separate laundry basket or hamper to catch the clothes that are still clean, but didn’t make the cut. They are then ready for you to hang up and put away when you aren’t heading out the door.

clothing in new home walk-in closet
Solve the headache of not having time to re-hang clothing by adding a hamper or a few hooks

7. The final tip we want to mention is something you can add to any closet. Add an extra touch of luxury by investing in a valet rod. Retractable or stationary valet rods give you a place to set out an outfit for the next day. It also works great for hanging pieces you are considering, while keeping your hands free.

We love the size, and versatility, of our walk-in closets at Andalucia Villas and our other building site designs. Explore our floor plans online, or visit us at the design center to see why we love the spaces we offer.



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