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5 Tips for Choosing Pet-Friendly Furniture:

January 25, 2020, Author: Karen Stanley

If any of your family members are of the four-legged, fur-covered type, then pet-friendly furniture is a must in your new home! We’ve compiled a list of the things to look for, as well as a few tips when furnishing your home with pets in the family.

Parents with dog and child
Washable and durable fabrics are great things to look for when purchasing furniture

1. First Piece of Pet-Friendly Furniture: Your Sofa

Seating tends to be the heart of the room when it comes to a living room. It would make sense because when we sit down, we tend to stay a moment, socialize or relax. Your handsome pooch loves to also sit a while next to or on the sofa and other seating. Find fur-resistant fabrics that help repel the hair, and make for more pet-friendly furniture. Examples include leather, pleather, denim, and other varieties. Any type of upholstery with some sheen to it will help keep the hair from sticking to your couch and ultimately to you.

blankets and pillows on couch
Washable fabrics are an owner’s best friend. Don’t be afraid to experiment with textures and prints to enjoy more colors

2. Think about Table Legs for Pet-Friendly Furniture:

Whether an end table, coffee table, or desk, wooden legs are not only classy but pretty common. Mix it up with metal legs or other materials that aren’t able to be chewed by your favorite puppy. Also, consider the height of the table to keep things out of reach.


3. Consider the Colors:

Is your pet a gorgeous Goldendoodle, or a black cat? Find colors that will hide any loose hairs that end up on the sofa or rugs. For example, light furniture with a black schnauzer, may not be the best combination. Think about the colors as well when it comes to throw blankets, pillows, and even carpeting.

collection of throw pillows on couch
Find colors similar to your pet if possible, but don’t let it stop you from decorating with your favorites hues

4. Use Washable Throw blankets on Their Favorite Spots:

Putting a cozy washable blanket in the washing machine is far easier than washing a sofa. Whether they take a nap on the sofa or curl up on the end of your bed, find fashionable throw blankets that can be added to your decor. These tend to lessen the daily wear and tear from rubbing against your furniture or sleeping on your upholstery or bedding. Another option for pet-friendly furniture is to invest in a slip-cover or slip-covered furniture. This gives you the option to periodically wash the covers for a deep clean.

dogs sleeping on white bed
Placing washable blankets on their favorites spots is a great way to lengthen the life of your bedding

5. Purchase Furniture for Your Pet:

So far we’ve talked about finding pieces that are pet-friendly, but the most pet-friendly piece is a bed or spot of their very own. Invest in a bed or piece of furniture that is theirs, and that they love. Incorporate it into the decor, to keep the cohesiveness of the room, while meeting their needs. If they love their designated spot, the wear and tear on other furniture pieces will be cut down, lengthening the life of your handpicked furniture.

Dog in teepee dog bed
Creating a space just for your pet is a great way for them to be comfortable while cutting down on the wear and tear on other furniture

We know pets can be another member of the family. Check out our sideyards, patios, and flooring options both you and your pet will love, at our New Home Design Center in Gilbert!