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20 Tips for Setting up Your Laundry Room

June 6, 2020, Author: Karen Stanley

Wherever you are in the move-in process, setting up your laundry room will be on the list! From adding functionality, to utilizing your space effectively, create a space that is perfect for you and your family.

Here are 20 tips for setting up the laundry room, and making it one of your favorite rooms in the house:

  1. Add a runner or rug with added cushion in front of your washer and dryer. Keep your feet a little happier each time you switch over the laundry.
  2. Swap out your laundry soap containers with a more classy drink dispenser for liquid detergent, or large glass jar for powder detergents.
  3. Add a foldable step-ladder that can be easily accessed for when you need to reach the highest shelves.
  4. Look for a wall-mounted ironing board and iron to free up space and give it a set place.
  5. Place a small tray or jar on the dryer, or closeby to have a place for the pocket change, pens, or other items you find in pockets.
  6. Invest in a hamper with multiple compartments. These can be all connected, or simply a few matching hampers. If all the family laundry is done together, let family members pre-sort their laundry into the hampers to make for less time in the laundry room.

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    Develop a laundry sorting system that works for you and your family. Maybe you need several hampers, or everyone simply does their own laundry. Create a space that will cater to your family’s needs
  7. Especially for all visible containers, like totes and bins, try to stick to one color. For example, white bins are not only easy to decorate with but add to the clean feel most people are going for in a laundry room.
  8. Invest in all of the same kind of bins and utilize labels. Clear bins are great to let you know what you have, and how much, but use more solid bins if you want to simplify the room and tone down the clutter.
  9. If keeping cleaning supplies in the laundry room, create a one-grab caddy that has all of the everyday items. Store refills and extra supplies further from reach to keep the most functional items right at your fingertips.
  10. Another way to create order is to utilize hooks for items such as brooms, or even hanging hampers. Who says your hampers have to take up floor space? Purchase some light-weight wall-hanging hampers to easily sort your clothes.

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    Cup hooks, Command hooks, and other inexpensive hanging options utilize wall space to create more order in your laundry room
  11. Double buy when you purchase laundry detergent. It seems simple, but be sure to never run out by having an extra stored away.
  12. Invest in a small steamer, and store it close to the outlet you will be using to run it. Set up your laundry room with functionality in mind.
  13. Add a valet rod close to create a steaming station, and have a place to hang clothes while you steam them or let them air dry.
  14. Find yourself air-drying lots of delicates? Mount an accordion-style drying rack on the wall that can easily be pulled out and put away as needed. A collapsable drying rack is another great option.
  15. Have some surface wipes close by to occasionally wipe down your washer and dryer. Lint can make dust accumulate just a little faster in the laundry room than other rooms.
  16. Don’t forget a trashcan! For finding receipts in pockets to cleaning out the dryer lint, have a trash can close by, preferably with a lid.
  17. Include a little green in the mix with a low-maintenance plant. Find a few easy-to-grow houseplant ideas, here.

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    Freshen up your laundry room with small, low-maintenance plants
  18. Hang a cheat-sheet or laundry guide in a frame on the wall to double as decor.
  19. The lonely sock spot might be a must when setting up your laundry room. Pick a basket, bucket, or bin to make a holding space for the socks that tend to come up solo.

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    Creating specific places for things that clutter, like solo socks, helps keep the clutter down
  20. Make the space yours, when you’re setting up your laundry room. Add some of your own personal touches, as another piece of making your new house, your new home.

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