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15 Housewarming Gift Ideas for Your New Neighbors

July 11, 2020, Author: Karen Stanley

When we’re trying to social distance, and housewarming parties are on hold, a few housewarming gift ideas can be just the thing to welcome in the new neighbors.

Here are 15 housewarming gift ideas to welcome in your next neighbor, contact-free:

  1. Purchase a gift card or two from your favorite local restaurants. It’s a great way to welcome them to the community and get them started on finding their own favorite eats!

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    Introduce them to the neighborhood with a gift card to the best pizza place in town
  2. Create a custom return-address stamp with their new address. 
  3. Put together a “staycation basket” filled with snacks, treats, games, or things they could enjoy over a weekend in.
  4. Pick up (or have it delivered) a treat from the local bakery.

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    Why not show them what they’ve been missing, by having something fresh delivered to their door?
  5. Now probably isn’t the time for neighborhood game nights, but introduce them to your favorites by gifting a game your family loves.
  6. Hand soaps or kitchen soaps are always a fun and useful gift you can’t go wrong with.
  7. Give them a coupon or gift card to purchase beautiful prints of their family or wall art for their new home. Chances are they are in the redecorating process.  
  8. Gift them a movie night in a box. Put together microwave popcorn and treats, topped off with an Amazon gift card to cover the movie.

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    If the family has kids, a movie night in a box is sure to be a hit!
  9. Give the gift of calm with a diffuser and an essential oil or two. 
  10. Gift them bath salts or a foot soak to enjoy now that they are settled in.
  11. Stationary with their monogram is a classy, useful gift.
  12. One of your favorite cookbooks or recipe collector 
  13. Kitchen herb or succulent 
  14. Give a Sunday Brunch Basket, and include your favorites. For example, bagels and cream cheese, coffee, tea, or orange juice, fruit, and your favorite treats like scones or a pound cake.

    new homes to build in Gilbert Arizona
    If you want a grocery-store based gift, a Sunday Brunch Basket is the perfect option!
  15.  Keep the jar! Fill a cookie jar with fresh cookies, and gift the whole thing.
  16. Bonus Idea: Fill a beautiful pitcher with lemons and a pack of sugar to they can enjoy fresh lemonade that evening. Add in a citrus squeezer as a plus!

    new home builders in Gilbert Chandler Arizona
    Make the container part of the gift with a beautiful pitcher


Moving into a new home is exciting! For example, moving into a new home development brings many new neighbors and chances to meet so many new people. Though we may not be having as much social contact as before, don’t miss out on introducing yourself to the new neighbors with one of our housewarming gift ideas.

Are you looking to move, yourself? Explore our new homes that are ready to build in Gilbert and Chandler by stopping by our models, or by contacting us today!


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