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What are the Benefits of a Spec Home, or Quick Move-in?

April 25, 2020, Author: Karen Stanley

The benefits of a Spec home or quick move-in are something every home buyer should know about. Building a new home allows a homebuyer to choose the specific design details, enjoy the most up-to-date appliances, and the opportunity to watch their new home built from the ground, up. However, some home buyers would rather move in more quickly and aren’t able to wait 3-6 months for their new home to be built.


One of the many benefits of a spec home is the shorter build time. Buyers are able to enjoy the benefits of a new home and move in more quickly.

New home builders in Gilbert and Chandler Arizona
There are various ways to enjoy a new home for you and your family. A quick timeline doesn’t have to keep you from a new home.

The Design:

The time between purchasing and moving in is far shorter with one of these homes. Spec homes have already been started or in some cases, are completely built. This creates a less-intensive design process while enjoying a home that was carefully crafted by our designers. The buyer can trust that the design elements will be high-quality and fit together cohesively. Our models are a prime example of our designers and builders creating beautifully-crafted homes.

New home builders in Gilbert and Chandler Arizona
Our designers ensure details such as countertops, flooring, and cabinets complement each other like in this model home

If the home is completely built, another one of the benefits of a spec home is that the buyer is able to see exactly what they are purchasing. When designing your own home, however, you’re able to envision your design choices with the help of the design center and models.


There are also benefits when it comes to financial planning. When designing and building a home, there is a base price. The home buyer has the opportunity to then choose their design options. Many of these options come with a variety of pricing to find something that fits your taste and budget. Then, those costs are added to the base price. With a Spec home, however, the design options have been carefully chosen by a designer, and the price then already includes the cost of the design options used in the home.

Benefits of Spec homes in Gilbert Chandler Arizona
Some design choices such as a specific bathtub or type of tile add to the base price. With a spec home, however, they are already included in the price.

Whether it is a concern about a move-in timeline, or simplifying the building process, spec homes are a great option to consider when looking at purchasing a new home. Explore our available Quick Move-In homes at our New Village Communities, here.


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