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Time for New Furniture? 5 Tips for Purchasing Furniture for Your New Home:

May 23, 2020, Author: Karen Stanley

Is the old couch not making the move with you? Building a new home is a great time for a fresh start when it comes to purchasing new furniture. It’s a new chapter, with possibly a new style, and it’s the perfect opportunity to find pieces that will compliment your new space.

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Always wanted to switch to a different style? Moving into your new home is the perfect opportunity!

Whether it’s a couch, bookshelf, or nightstand, here are a few tips to help you beautifully furnish your new home:

  1. Measure. You might think we only mean the furniture at the store, which you definitely should do, but take a tour of your new home and write down the measurements of the spaces you want to use, and how. Make some notes in your phone, so you can have them at your fingertips.  The next time you come across a couch online that catches your eye, or walk past a rug at the store you are interested in, you can pull out those dimensions on your phone and compare them to what you found! This saves you time by helping to cut down on having to return so many large items.

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    Remember space to move around is important as well, so taking measurements of the entire room is another good idea
  2. Know your return policy for wherever you are purchasing. If it is online, pay attention to shipping costs, and restocking fees. The last thing you want is to find yourself trying to resell a piece you thought you were going to love.
  3. If at a physical store, don’t be shy to bring inspiration. Maybe you have a specific paint color in that room, that will impact the color of the furniture. Bring the color swatch! If there is a throw pillow you are finding your texture inspiration from, don’t be afraid to bring it.

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    Whether your wall colors are more neutral or bold, it never hurts to bring the swatch with you to compare
  4. Pay attention to sizes. Do you have a high-armed couch, with low coffee tables? Many pieces can look beautiful online, or in the store, but once you bring them home, the size could seem completely different when in the actual room.  A long dining table could look ideal in the store, but in your kitchen you might feel like it overwhelms the space. Remember to be flexible, and that decorating your new home is a process!
  5. For most rooms, work big to small. A couch is much more difficult to replace and less forgiving than reinventing the collection of throw pillows on your bed. Start by finding your key pieces, like your main livingroom seating, your bed, or the kitchen table, first, before moving to smaller pieces and accessories.

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    Smaller pieces, like nightstands, can be added and switched-up easily as you go

Bonus Tip for Purchasing New Furniture:

Our final tip is another reminder that just as building a new home, is a process, so is decorating. It takes time to finish it to fit you and your family’s style. There are few things more rewarding though than seeing your new home become a reality. Now you can top it off with your new furniture to complete your home!

Where are you in the building process? Just decided to build? Are you preparing for your design center appointment, or maybe already moving into your new home? Explore our beautiful models, or visit us at the design center, to get a taste of what it is like to build with New Village Homes!