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Staycation, anyone? Tips and Tricks for a Luxury Staycation in your Master Suite

May 9, 2020, Author: Karen Stanley

With spending more time at home, and limiting travel, it’s a great opportunity to bring the celebration or staycation to your own home! Whether it’s an anniversary, a needed break, or the fact that the last moving box is unpacked, celebrate with a luxury staycation in your own home.

Here are a few ideas to give your staycation an added touch of luxury:

  1. Stock the master suite with your favorite snacks, making it even better than room service. If part of your agenda is enjoying a movie, be sure to stock up the microwave popcorn to step out quickly and get right back to your retreat.

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    Snacks can range from your favorite treats, trail mix, or fruits. Maybe enjoying a cup of coffee and your favorite pastry is more of your style
  2. Don’t forget the drinks! Whether it’s your favorite specialty lemonade or champaign, place it in a bucket of ice and place clean glasses nearby to share a toast whenever you’re feeling it. While you’re at it, add a few water bottles that are easy to grab.
  3. Set the ambiance with high-quality scented candles. Choose soothing scents that help you unwind and enjoy your spa-like master suite.
  4. Order takeout and have it delivered via Door Dash or Uber-eats to skip cooking dinner. Thanks to delivery services, you aren’t limited to Chinese takeout or pizza when it comes to delivery. Though a gourmet pizza or some Thai food to treat yourself on your staycation is also a great idea! Enjoy dinner while you watch a movie, or simply slow down and catch up.

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    Take out options are practically endless with DoorDash or UberEats
  5. If mornings are more of your domain, purchase a few classy breakfast-in-bed styled serving platters and set up a few foods like muffins, quiche, yogurts, fruits, or other breakfast foods that suit your fancy. Check out these 74 Breakfast in Bed Ideas for more inspiration. Set a few things up and then settle in for a slow, relaxing morning.

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    It can be anywhere from simple to gourmet when it comes to breakfast in bed. Explore something new, or pick pre-made items with no cooking required for a low-stress retreat
  6. Pick up a few bath bombs or bath salts to have a nice soak in your spa-like master bath. One of the benefits of designing your own home is creating a master suite that is not only inspiring, but relaxing. When stocking your bathroom with bath salts and bath bombs, look for relaxing blends for times you want to unwind, and invigorating blends for a morning soak.

    A few bath salts in your beautiful new spa-like bathtub can be a much-needed retreat
  7. Have all the towels freshly washed and throw some comfy robes in as a plus! Sprits them with a bit of essential oils to give them an extra touch of luxury.

Don’t let fewer opportunities to travel keep you from celebrating, unwinding, or even vacationing. Have a staycation in your beautiful new home that will leave you rejuvenated and well-rested. With a spa-like master suite, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy luxury in your own home. Explore our floor plans, and master suite options to see what would best fit your needs and style.


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