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12 Ways to Use Your Optional Guest House or Casita:

May 2, 2020, Author: Karen Stanley

As you are making design choices on your new home, take a moment to think about 12 of many possible ways to use your optional guest house or casita. Many of our plans come with this option that our homebuyers love! Not only does it increase the space available to you, but it can be used to house guests comfortably, is extremely versatile, and ads unique value to your home.

Though the extra space can be used in unlimited ways, here are 12 ways we love!

  1. Guest quarters for family and friends – Entertain while giving you and your guests space to rest and unwind privately.
  2. Executive suite/home office – Finally, get the chance to separate work from home with a detached home office space. Find a few reasons we love home executive suites, here. 

    new home with casita
    Creating a space just for business helps keep things organized
  3. Exercise room off of the house – No need to get in the car to go to the gym every day. Set up a home gym with the equipment you will actually use.
  4. Craft room – Unleash your creativity without having to clear it off the dining table before dinner. Another great way to use this space is for everything from jewelry making, to sewing, to scrapbooking.
  5. Airbnb – Find others need your space? Explore Airbnb options with your guest house that has its own bathroom.
  6. Personal Library – Create a space to unwind and read for leisure, learning, or a bit of both.

    new home builder in Gilbert Arizona
    Ever wanted to create a private library? Here’s a great way to with your added space.
  7. Art Studio – Have a passion for painting, pottery, or music? Create a studio designated entirely to your passion.
  8. Ultimate Playroom – Make the space a kid-zone with toys, games, and even add a craft corner.

    new home developments in Gilbert Arizona
    Creating a space where your kids can play and create frees up other parts of your home for other everyday activities
  9. Yoga Studio – Take your practice to the next level with a space dedicated to meditating and practice.

    new home builders in Gilbert
    Set your attention for the day with a space to get away. Using your optional room as a yoga studio is another great possibility
  10. Small Bar/Lounge – Use the space for adult get-togethers with cozy seating and a well-stocked bar

    new home builders in Gilbert Arizona
    Having a few drinks stocked makes for an easy way to get together with friends and neighbors
  11. Homework or homeschooling space – Let there be some separation between home and school by creating a space for homework. Nothing like being about to walk away from the homework after a full day.

    new home builders in Gilbert and Chandler Arizona
    Adding desks, a little music, and study resources foster a productive environment for a study room
  12. Game room/ Recreation Room – Give the kids, and you, a space to escape to and enjoy time with each other. Stock it with board games, card games, electronic games, etc.

Just like building a new home is about designing something you and your family will love, adding a guest house can be another piece of the plan. After deciding on adding it to your plan, there are unlimited ways to use your optional guest house or casita. Visit with one of our design specialists today, or tour our beautiful models, to learn more about our guest house options.