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Get it Sold! Tips for Selling Your Old Home, Faster:

April 18, 2020, Author: Karen Stanley

Part of moving into your new home often involves selling your old home, at the right time.  From deciding what is worth updating, to beautifully staging it, here are a few of our best tips for selling your old home. 


  1. Often the kitchen is one of the most loved and used areas of the home. Ensure prospective buyers find a functional, clean, kitchen they would love to own. If your cupboards are painted, spruce them up with a fresh coat of paint and fresh knobs. Though still an investment, it is far less expensive than major renovations like new countertops or new flooring. Looking clean and fresh is a top priority when trying to sell your home.

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    A fresh coat of paint has a relatively low cost and investment of time, that gives the kitchen a major upgrade
  2. How is the front door looking? Replacing the hardware, and giving the door a fresh coat of paint gives the home a sharp and polished first impression for home buyers.
  3. When it comes to bathrooms, keep things looking clean and inviting. If the faucet has seen better days, find a simple replacement at your local hardware store. Who doesn’t love clean, new faucets?


  1. Wherever your home has tile, invest the time into scrubbing out the grout, and making it look immaculate. Keep the colors light and simple, to make the space feel bigger.

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    Neutral colors are a wise choice when creating a blank canvas for the next owner
  2. People aren’t usually looking for a house that feels old. This is your chance to deep clean the baseboards, and be serious about getting rid of any dust. It can be difficult while you are still living in the home, but it will go a long way when trying to sell.
  3. Consider power washing the exterior of your home, driveway and front walk. The goal is that prospective buyers would feel proud to own your home, from the moment they walk up.

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    A clean exterior is the first impression, so make it count by ensuring things are polished for potential buyers

Staging your home:

  1. This is not the easiest thing, but pack up all the personal decor. Put away photos, memorabilia and anything that makes the space less of a clean slate for the new family. The goal is for potential buyers to be able to envision themselves living there.
  2. If you feel it would add to the home, invest in a few area rugs and curtains that are neutral and inviting while making the house feel cohesive.

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    Area rugs and medium-sized investments offer a big return when selling your home
  3. When trying to sell your old home, take note of what your home smells like. The smell alone can make a house feel cleaner or dirtier. That could mean moving the pet food, investing in some welcoming candles, or having cookies at the door. Pay special attention to the smells when you first walk in the home, as these are a part of the first impression.

    New homes in Gilbert Arizona
    Having a plate of cookies is a great way to make the space inviting and help interested buyers imagine themselves living there

Selling a home can be a big process, but doing a few things to polish it off, will go a long way when trying to sell quickly if you are looking to build a new home. Learn about building timelines, and explore our quick move-in homes at New Village Homes, here.