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Everything You Need: Living Room Essentials

December 23, 2019, Author: Karen Stanley

Building a new home also means designing and decorating your new living room!  To ensure you have everything you will need, we have compiled a list of the essentials for your new living room. You will also find helpful tips for picking your pieces, as you create a functional and inviting space for you, your family, and those you entertain. 

For planning purposes, we love to break the list down into four categories, going from largest to smallest: Furniture Essentials, Decor, Accessories, and Building Design Choices. 

Comfy chairs that aren’t identical, but rather go well with your sofa, give the room a curated, designed look


New Home Living Room Furniture Essentials:

These are usually the largest pieces, and a great place to start!  Investing in a good, comfortable sofa is highly recommended, as you will be enjoying it practically every day in your new living room.


It may seem intuitive but be sure to try your sofa before you purchase it if you can. For more tips on selecting a sofa, hear what the designers at House Beautiful have to say, here. As you begin selecting your furniture. think about the kind of environment you want to create. Low-maintenance and washable materials are things to consider if the area is going to be high traffic and family-friendly. The number of people you will be entertaining or who will be gathering in the room most often are good guides for how much seating will be ideal.

An additional love seat or comfy chairs can provide more seating if needed. Ensure they accent your sofa, and your neighbors will be admiring your eye for decor! 

Bookshelves are another piece you could add to your new living room to showcase family photos, art pieces or souvenirs from recent vacations

Coffee Table:

A coffee table is next on our list, as it creates a surface area for reading materials or a place to set your glass. One designer tip to keep in mind is to pick a coffee table about the same height as your couch cushions. It’s a simple way to make your living room inviting and feel cohesive. If looking for a less formal feel, consider an ottoman, which can still be used for setting out books or magazines, but doubles as a place to put your feet up. Set out a classy tray on your ottoman or coffee table with treats and drinks the next time you entertain, and make your guests feel right at home.

Another option for those wanting an open area is to utilize end tables next to the sofa, instead of a central coffee table. This frees up the space for dancing to your favorite music, game nights, or more accessible walkways. However you chose to create a surface area in your living room, you will love having space for games with the family, places to display family photos, your latest reads, or refreshments for guests. 

Your entertainment center can double as storage for extra throw blankets, games, or books

Entertainment Center:

The third furniture essential is an entertainment center. How you display your television depends on your lifestyle. Determine whether you will mount it on the wall, have it enclosed in an entertainment armoire, have it sitting on a stand, or omit it from the living room altogether. You want gathering around to watch a movie to be effortless, so place sofas and other seating at comfortable distances in relation to the entertainment center. 

If your home has our signature, retractable glass walls, finding indoor/outdoor seating for your patio that compliments your indoor furniture, helps you effortlessly create a space that can be easily blended for entertaining. Learn more about why we love these glass walls, and decorating your patio, here. 

Use curtains to complete the room, and provide added privacy or block out unwanted light for movie nights


With your key furniture pieces in place, you are ready to start thinking about decor. The top 5 essential decor pieces include lighting, area rugs, curtains and curtain rods, throw blankets and pillows, and artwork. Lighting is easy to overlook but is a key player in creating your desired ambiance. A tall lamp next to the sofa or smaller lamp on an end table lets you enjoy a book or conversation at the end of the day. Area rugs help designate the area as a place to gather, and make any flooring more comfortable and inviting. This is a great place to play with colors or switch out colors with the seasons.

Curtains and curtain rods are well worth the investment and should complement your lamps and other furniture. Again, pieces don’t necessarily need to be identical, but rather similar in style and colors, to come together. Still, this is your space, so create the new home living room you will treasure!

Who doesn’t love a cozy blanket in the living room? As always, don’t forget the throw pillows and blankets while creating your inviting living space! 

Add throw blankets with different prints and textures to add dimension to your sofa

Accessories for your New Home Living Room:

These are the hand-picked pieces that make the space yours. A candle you adore can welcome company, or help set the tone for a calm, quiet evening. Family photos can be displayed, while souvenirs from family vacations are good conversation starters when company is over. Reading materials that are easy to pick up and enjoy are always a good idea. Albums or custom photo books can be a meaningful touch to your living room. You can even add a bit of green with a few low-maintenance plants on the coffee table, or a shelf. 

Design Choices:

Our last essential falls under design choices. At New Village Homes, we love customization and making your new home, yours. Talk to your builder about having your living room lights on dimmer switches. Be able to go from bright daily use to low light entertaining and movie nights. Flooring and paint-color choices also help in creating your beautiful living space. Come explore all of your options at your New Home Design Center in Gilbert. Our designers can help you create a living room you, your family, and those who come to your home, will love and enjoy.